Then you've come to the right place! We run a free walk-up kayaking program as well as kayak polo games. Times for each of the programs can be found below.

Walk-up Kayaking Program

Saturday 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Thursday 5:30PM to 6:45PM
Sundays 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Programming may be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Check our Instagram stories for up-to-date information on hours and cancellations.

Kayak Polo

What is Kayak Polo?
W'er currently planning our kayak polo program for 2018. For up-to-date information, Join the MeetUp group

Those 18 years and older can kayak on their own. 14- to 17-years-olds can also kayak by themselves, as long as a guardian is present. Anyone younger than 14 must be accompanied by a guardian in the same double kayak. If you bring multiple kids, they'll have to take turns with you. It is recommended that a child be at least 36 inches tall. Check out our FAQs page for more info.

From the first weekend in June through the end of August, we have free walk-up kayaking in Brooklyn Bridge Park between Piers 1 and 2. Everything is first come, first served. We'll get you in a life vest, explain the basics of kayaking, and keep watch over you in the protected embayment while you paddle (No, you cannot go across the East River to Manhattan!). There's a 20 minute limit to your time on the water—but it'll be the best 20 minutes of your day!
NOTE: Cancellations can occur because of lightning or if rain fall exceeds 1" within a 12 to 24 hour period. Excess heat conditions may also warrant closing the day's program early.

  • Want to learn more about free kayaking? Check out our Programs page to learn more about this and other kayaking opportunities!
  • Not sure where we are? Here's how you can find us.
  • Want to know what you should wear? Or where you're allowed to kayak? Check out our FAQs page to get the answers to these and any other questions you might have! 
Remember to show up early!
We're only able to send out a limited number of boaters per session.

Support the BBPB

Help us raise $12,300 for our 2017 kayaking season to add more boats to our kayak fleet, make necessary repairs to our existing boats, and purchase additional safety gear. 

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Volunteering Is Fun!

We're looking for both experienced kayakers and newbies to join our team of volunteers. There's no minimum commitment, so come down and help us when you can!

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Trips & Training

Our volunteers get exclusive access to special trips around the NY Harbor, classes and training to help improve paddling skills, and our boathouse social events!

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How to Find the Boathouse

Find us at Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Free walk-up public kayaking is available every Saturday and Thursday in the embayment between Piers 1 and 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, accessible from our floating dock off of Pier 2. To find us, you can enter the park from either the North entrance at Old Fulton Street (next to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory) or the South entrance near Atlantic Avenue and follow the park's path to Pier 2. When you see our information table—and our kayaks on the water—you'll know you're there!

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Getting to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Parking near Brooklyn Bridge Park is very limited. We highly recommend taking public transportation, biking, or walking to the park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is accessible by:
Subway: A/C to High Street, F to York Street, or 2/3 to Clark Street stations
Bus: the nearest buses are the B25, B61, B63, B67
East River Ferry or NY Water Taxi: check online for schedules

If biking is your preferred means of transportation, then the Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place for you. Whether you enter from the North or South Entrance of the park, there's a bike path that will lead you to Pier 2.