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The Brooklyn Bridge Park Kayaking Program

Too often, access to the waterfront does not include access to the water—but in Brooklyn Bridge Park, it does. With the floating dock between Piers 1 and 2 and ongoing enhancements and modifications in the surrounding park area, the idea of human-powered boating has become an important part of the park's design. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse is pleased to offer a variety of public kayaking programs between Piers 1 and 2 all summer long.


About the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of unpaid volunteers dedicated to giving people the chance to experience kayaking or rowing in of the world's most spectacular harbors, with views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge - all for free.

In the past 2014 season, more than 6000 people went kayaking with us in the protected waters between the piers of the Brooklyn Bridge Park.   We put paddlers of all ages on the water every Thursday and Saturday all summer long.  We held weekly kayak polo competitions - also open to all members of the public, and also free of charge.  We ran a summer kayaking camp at the Park for local youth groups and provided advanced kayak training programs for our adult volunteers. We organized kayak expeditions for our volunteers to Governor’s Island, the Statue of Liberty, Newtown Creek, and other East River and New York Harbor destinations. 

In 2015 we hope to expand our public boating programs and offer additional educational and youth recreation activities. This will require investment in more boats and other needed equipment, as well as repairs to our current kayak fleet.

All of our boats were acquired through generous initial donations from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and our own volunteers. We welcome contributions that will enable us to continue our public boating programs through 2015 and beyond. Donations to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse are fully tax-deductible.

Our kayaking program now operates out of a temporary facility with two storage containers on the Park pathway across from Pier 2 and the kayak dock. If you would like to join our volunteers, just drop by when we’re there, or send us an email!

To find out more about how you can help out, check out our Volunteer and Donation pages.


Board and Bylaws

View the BBPB Bylaws here

Current Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, Inc. Board of Directors

Charlie O'Donnell, Chair

Bill Orme, Secretary & Treasurer

Rob Buchanan, Rowing Coordinator

Tom Potter, Kayaking Committee Chair

Nancy Webster

Mike Sylves

Darrin Amellio

Monica Hill

Andrew Shults